Frequently Asked Questions

Questions by Hunters

How do I book a hunt with Jagdvergleich

  1.  You choose the time frame and number of hunters in Step 1. Your Main animal and the secondary animals you want to hunt in step number 2, and all other information which is important for YOUR hunting trip in step number 3.

  2.  You choose an outfitter you would like to hunt with.

  3.  You book your hunt. Now we are waiting for the outfitter to accept your hunt within 48 hours.

  4.  As soon as your customized hunt has been accepted by the outfitter, you will get a bill and transfer the money via direct transfer to the account details.

  5.  Your hunt is now securely booked and your will get all paper work send to you via that is vital for your hunting administration.

  6.  You will be in direct contact with the outfitter over our network portal all the time.

  7.  You will be asked to forward a copy of your passport as well as a copy of your booked flight details so that the outfitter can pick you up at the airport.

  8.  You arrive in the country you have chosen and hunt with your outfitter.

  9.  Depending on what animals you have shot, you will get billed the remainder of the amount directly by the outfitter.

  10.  You pay the outfitter directly either in cash or by direct transfer once you have arrived back home.

  11.  You will get an email with which you can rate your hunting experience to make hunting better for the future hunters.

  12.  You hopefully compare your next hunt with


Questions about Outfitters

Are all the outfitters legitimate?

Yes, all outfitters have been screened and selected by us. Preferably they are also Members of NAPHA or PHASA or the respective hunting association of that country.

Do I need to register as a member to book a hunt?

No, you do not need to register as a member to book a hunt although we highly recommend that you take up at least the basic membership so that you do have all the information in order to secure a stress free and more pleasurable hunt. A once of registration is necessary so that you get access to the communication forum with the outfitter.

Are all the prices binding?

Yes, all the prices given to you by the outfitter are binding. All prices will be regularly updated every evening by the server.

Can I communicate directly with the outfitter?

Yes, we actually recommend that you do communicate directly with the outfitter. That is why we have set up a communication portal to help you with the easy communication. Please do use the portal as the primary secure communication.

What about the outfitter charging me for more bullets than I actually used?

When you hire a weapon, the outfitter automatically charges you for a box of 20 bullets. After the hunt, the difference will be subtracted or added to your total bill. Any discrepancies should be dealt with the outfitter directly during/after the hunt.

Can I change the outfitter once I have booked and paid for a hunt?

Once the hunt is booked and paid for, you cannot change the outfitter. If for some reason you have overlooked an important detail and you cannot possibly attend the hunt, please do contact us directly so that we can help you to transfer the hunt.


Questions about the hunt

How many hunts can I book per year?

As many as you can fit into your year. There is no limit on the amounts of hunts you can book and attend over a years’ time.

Do I need a hunting license to hunt in Namibia?

No. In the case of an hunting accident, there is a chance that your Insurance will not pay out the full amount. Please enquire about that with your travel insurance.

What if I shoot different animals than I actually booked?

That is not a problem. As long as you are happy with the trophies you bagged, we are happy as well.

What if I did not even see my primary animal?

Unfortunately, that is hunting. We do our uttermost best to ensure that all Outfitters enter legitimate information.

Can I book 2 consecutive hunts with 2 different outfitters in 2 different regions for one hunting trip?

Yes, as long as the hunts do not overlap. By communicating directly with the outfitters you can coordinate that one will pick you up in a certain area.

What if the hunter and the outfitter disagree on the animals harvested?

As soon as you find blood of a respected animal that has been shot at, the animal is considered as being killed, even if it might not be retrieved. For mayor discrepancies, we do have an arbitrary section.


Questions about travel

Which papers and vaccines to I need?

  • Depending on the country that you visit you need:
  • A passport that is valid for 6 months
  • Basic vaccines
  • Please click here to view out travel guidelines

Questions about Special Offers

I have booked a special offer; can I shoot other animals as well?

We are sure you can. Just communicate all of your wishes to the outfitter, and he will tell you what is possible of not.



Does booking with cost me anything?

No, the entire process is free of charge.

How safe is the money transfer

We use accredited companies who offer you a safe gateway to transfer the money so that nothing will go wrong. Also the standard bank transfers are as safe as they get.

How will I get charged?

After booking you will have 2 weeks to transfer the money directly to the bank details given to you. The charging in Namibia will be done by the outfitter either through credit card, in cash or via bank transfer. Communicate with the outfitter what is best for you.

How long in advance should I book?

As far as in advance as possible. Then you will secure yourself the best prices and offers and have more time to plan your hunting trip with the outfitter.

What advantages do memberships offer?

Depending on membership you choose there are several advantages like being the first to receive special offers once they have been posted, all documents that you need to enter Namibia, elaborate hunting manuals that help you to prepare for the different hunts, Forum access to discuss up to date hunting topics, custom made cufflinks and much much more.


Questions about Taxidermist

I want to use a different taxidermist than the ones being advertised on the website, is that possible?

Of course, you are free in your choice of taxidermist establishments.

How long does it take for my trophies to arrive at my home?

Generally you can expect the entire process to take about 1 year.

Do I have to book all of my trophies in advance?

No, this is hunting, you never know what is coming your way. A rough guideline should be given so that the Outfitter can organize the hunt accordingly.